Interview with Yusuf Muhammed

Question* : Yusuf how are you doing?
 *Yusuf* : _I’m fine thank you._
 *Question* : Yusuf good to know your doing well with Kwara United, having put a good performance in first stanza,  and now in the second stanza, your take leaving Kano Pillars for Kwara United?
 *Yusuf* : _I wanted a change of environment,  i just to wanted explore my career elsewhere, i had a wonderful time at Kano pillars no doubt, i left on a good mutual grounds, Kano pillars is more of family  to me i must say._ 
 *Question* : Yusuf Muhammed it could be recalled that you were part of the Olympic team who won bronze medal as far as the last Olympic is concerned , do you still have that memory?
 *Yusuf*: _lt is a memorable experience   can never forget in my life, it is not every player gets the opportunity to play in the National Team, so for me being part of the team Olympic then is a good record me as a goalkeeper._
 *Question* : Yusuf did start as a goalkeeper?
 *Yusuf : _I started as a defender, i played 5, but all of a sudden during my  secondary school days precisely in SS 3, i converted to goalkeeping, though it was tough for me at first,  but i thank God for my achievements so far in my career_ .
 *Question* : Did you choose to be goalkeeper.
  1.  *Yusuf* : _I never expected i will be a goalkeeper,  it just happened,  i decided to help my school team out because we lacked a goalkeeper in a match played during my senior secondary school days,  i was like , i could  do more better as a goalkeeper than a defender. Fortunately for me had a friend back then that was a goalkeeper that was how i embarked in lots weekend training lessons from my friend from there my journey started as a goalkeeper_


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