We cannot continue in this manner, beating up referees in a match venue is absurd – Alhaji Tade Azeez.


We need to protect the lives of the referees, we need more securities in match venues footballlive.ng reports.

As i speak with you as the President of the Nigerian Referees Association we are not going to send any of our referees to Jos for the time being if the authority involved do not take care of such miscreant from their match venue.
It is time that we must get it right, there is an ardent need for total sanity in football.
Football is a game of friendship, unity and sportsmanship it not a game of war, neither a game of violence, we must correct that unruly mentality toward referees, let’s create room to have a new positive mentality toward referees and also the game.
In football these three major things are paramount in the field of play either you win, loss or draw which as a club you certainly experience all these three things rightly mentioned in football.
You must have these three basic things i just mentioned at the back of your mind, if you don’t then your not ready for the game of football. That is the more reason why we need to get it right in this new 2018/2019 season.
Plateau United must look for another venue, the amiable President of the Nigerian Referee Association concluded by saying sanity must be restored in the NPFL.


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