Bello Musa: Three points over performance

Photo credit : Elkanemi Warriors

Blistering forward Bello Musa has reflected that Elkanemi Warriors will prioritise getting three points at home against Kano Pillars in the Northern derby, over playing well.

The Desert Warriors host Masu Gida on Wednesday afternoon in the day 2 of the 2018/19 Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) season.
“The derby is usually different. There is a different spirit,” reflected Bello Musa this week in conversation with
“I believe that in the derby you have to play well, but that it is more important to win, because people forget about the match and just remember who won.
“We should play well to win, but winning is the most important aspect.
“Kano Pillars are the favourite, they have a great team, their players are practically the best out there today in the NPFL.
“We have the opportunity to face a great team in our ground.
“We have to take advantage of this and if possible leave the match with a win. It is most important for us to do well at home.
“We will have to prove this season again that we have a lot of quality. We are going to have a great season.”


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